Sep 252012

I’d like to rant about Apple’s Podcasts app and it’s apparent multiple personality disorder.

I know, there are much bigger things wrong with iOS 6. But until I actually have to drive somewhere I don’t know how to get to already, Maps won’t be a problem for me. What IS a problem for me, RIGHT NOW, is the new Podcasts app.

I listen to hours of podcasts a day, while commuting, lunching, and going to sleep. And with iOS 6 Apple has removed podcasts from the iTunes app and from the Music app, forcing us to use the Podcasts app to download and listen. And I’m not even here to rant about the problems with the app indicated by the thousands of one-star reviews it’s getting for being obtuse in other ways. I’m mad at the incoherent and inconsistent UI appearance.

You may have heard there is a war on at Apple regarding skeuomorphism in their software. It would appear that this war is going on right in the middle of the Podcasts app.

Take a look at this screen, which is the playback UI in the Podcasts app: Continue reading »