Feb 162012

I received an AT&T Mobility Enterprise Customer Newsletter today. Among the usual blather about their award-winning customer service and news about upcoming events and feature updates, there is a section titled ‘Equipment End of Life and Out of Stock Notices’. It’s a chart that lists devices that are no longer available, along with ‘alternate device recommendations’.
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Sep 272011

Apple has sent out invites for an iPhone event at the Cupertino campus for next Tuesday.

May I go on the record with the following prediction?

The new iPhone will be the same basic design and size of the current iPhone 4, with an A5 processor. Possibly both CDMA and GSM 3G in one, but no 4G. No magic-super-new ‘iPhone 5’, although it’s possible they will use that name.

9/29 Update: Looking more and more like the name will be iPhone 4S. MacRumors is reporting a rumor that an ‘iPhone 4S’ has shown up in Apple’s internal database, but not an ‘iPhone 5’. The comments are precious. Denial throughout.

9/29 Update 2: An impressive physical mockup of an ‘iPhone 5’ based on recent leaked case manufacturer images coupled with the design sense of the iPad 2. This looks reasonable and would certainly count as a redesign. At least the rumors are getting more interesting!

9/30 Update: As usual, John Gruber at Daring Fireball has a well thought out and comprehensive analysis of the rumors. Also as usual, he coyly stops just short of saying what he thinks will be announced.

10/4 Update: iPhone 4S as-predicted. Software stole the show from hardware. Siri personal assistant and iCloud are the big additions. iOS 5 drops on Oct. 12th, iPhone 4S on Oct 14th. Details and video at apple.com

Dec 082008

The Apple tablet rumours are picking up again. Since we are just four weeks away from MacWorld, this is no surprise. Interesting speculation going on about Apple’s possible moves to make it’s own CPUs for these future darlings. It’s exciting to me because it seems all of the motion in the world of computing is in mobile devices. The desktop computer is now an appliance, about as worthy of news coverage as refrigerators according to John C. Dvorak. And for once I agree with the cranky geek. My iPhone is my most important computer now and my desktop computers are just media appliances, relegated to encoding and serving up audio and video for my family’s enjoyment.

All hail the coming Apple Mobile Device, whatever the hall it turns out to be.

Nov 052008

Location: Apple iPhone Developer Tour, Chicago IL
Date: November 5th, 2008

Approaching the final stretch. After a day of nodding off annoyingly every five minutes or so, I just completed a thirty-minute break wherein I downed four giant sugar cookies ad two caustic bitter Starbucks coffees (WTF is wrong with people, don’t they realize this stuff is hardly more drinkable than gasoline?). The current session regards in-house development. Tools for devlopment and rollout of apps without the app store. Currently covering the OS stack. I’ve seen all this before on video. In fact most of this day is stuff covered on the developer videos I have been carrying around on my iPhone for the past five months.

I really wish my Jane would call. By now she and the kids should be home from work/school. I miss them all and want to tell them how much they mean to me. I feel I’m raising a defective self-loathing family even though each one of us is actually pretty extraordinary. Just need to realize it and act on it. Which is what today is about for me. I am here to pursue a new goal, iPhone app developer. This is a world-changing platform and it represents an incredible opportunity.

The presenter just asked “Does anybody know what this thing is in the upper right corner of the screen?”. I looked up from my notebook and immediately identified the DEVO Energy Dome and called it. Props given to me from one gentleman in my row. The rest of the audience is clueless and/or unimpressed.

I’ll show them! In 2009, I’ll show them all!

Oct 222008

It\'s Not Easy Being Green

It's Not Easy Being Green

Two weeks ago I signed up for the iPhone Tech Talk. The e-mail invite was oh so friendly, stating “Stay where you are. We’re coming to you!”. But of course what Apple means by “where you are” is “a big city on the East or West Coast (or Chicago)”. I am in none of those places, so I actually will have to travel to one of them to “stay where I are”. Or something like that. I went ahead and signed up for Chicago. After filling out the form I got a terse and kind of dickish response that said:

Dear Shorn,

Thank you for your interest in attending the iPhone Tech Talk being held in Chicago on 05 November 2008. Due to the high demand and limited space at each venue, please do not make your travel plans until you receive an email confirming your registration.

So don’t call us, we’ll call you.

And then, they didn’t call. For two weeks they didn’t call. I gave up waiting and assumed I’d been passed over as too unsexy for them. But then, this morning, happiness in my in-box!

Hello Shorn,

We are pleased to confirm your registration for the iPhone Tech Talk in Chicago on 05 November 2008.

But now the problem of getting to/from Chicago. Driving is 6+ hours each way. That would mean a hotel stay, which means at least $150 for a room, taking an additional vacation day, and 12 hours lost to driving. I like listening to podcasts in my car, but that’s just ridiculous. So I checked Orbitz and was suprised to find a non-stop round-trip same-day flight that works for about the same price as a hotel stay. And I ordered a Chicago Transit Authority day pass to get me to and from the airport, which will entail trains and busses.

So a long day all by my little self on various forms of public transportation in a city I’ve not spent any time in, and a 1-day seminar with Apple folk. I’m excited!

Update: Someone just reminded me that Nov 5th is the day after the election. Sheesh, I totally forgot! That should be a fun day to travel. I’ll either be giddy or homicidal. (Your choice, America)