Oct 162012

Lovely fall colors. Didn’t get what I wanted in June or September, so again I’ll just cut-and paste from my WWDC Wish List:

  • New Mac – Not a giant Mac Pro, not an iMac, a Mac. A desktop computer with slots
  • Xcode for iPad – Write, compile, debug iOS apps on the iPad
  • Updated beefed-up iWorks and Logic Pro

And due to the thrice-extended wait, I now require three golden ponies with glitterwings and rainbow tails.

I won’t object to the expected iPad Jr. although it will require me to make a decision: iPhones or iPad Jrs for the kids this year?

Sep 302011

Amazon sells us everything. They have all of our credit card numbers. A few years ago they started selling us books electronically, and the Kindle to read them on. Later they added music and video to the offerings. And now they’ve announced the $199 Kindle Fire to consume all this content on. And they have a giant cloud service to support it.

The Kindle Fire is going to be the second successful tablet computer and the first real market competition to the iPad. Coupled with their cloud services they have a mobile platform second to none.

Suddenly Amazon is where Apple wants be.

Very interesting.

Apr 042010

Do I love iPad? Nah, it’s a disaster. But it won’t be for long.

First off, I’m definitely NOT seeing the battery life all the reviewers are seeing. Apple says 10 hours of solid use, reviewers say it’s more like 12, I’m getting about 6. Ran it down yesterday, charged overnight, got used today about 1/4th of the day and it’s dead again.

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