Oct 222011

Droppin' on y'all

On October 12th Apple had their largest upgrade rollout ever. On top of that, the iCloud service went public. Let’s look at all that was going on for a typical Mac + iDevice + Mobile Me user that day:

  • On the Mac, install OS X Lion 10.7.2, Lion Recovery Update, and iTunes 10.5
  • On the iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad, install iOS 5
  • On one of these devices, go through the iCloud setup to create an account or migrate an existing Mobile Me account
  • On the other devices, set up iCloud
  • Repeat as necessary if you have multiple Mac and/or iOS devices

For an individual with multiple Macs and iOS devices, that’s a busy day. For a household with multiple people with multiple Macs and iOS devices, that’s a busy weekend or two (I’m in to my second).

Considering all that was going on the update and cloud services held up pretty well, with some temporary outages here and there. Apple’s authentication process for the iOS 5 update seemed to be hardest hit. This resulted in many people having trouble getting through the iOS 5 install process after the download. Within a few hours the problem had abated. Later in the week Apple reported that they would have to throttle iCloud conversions due to the heavy load. I’m not sure if this is still going on, but I’ve migrated three accounts so far without any trouble.

So what did all this get us? On the surface and in casual use little appears to have changed. But there is a lot of new stuff.
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Jun 292011

A follow-up to my Padme Moment four years ago.

Meesa got MoolaComputers are tools of creation. No company has pushed that concept farther and to more people than Apple. Along the way, computers became tools of consumption and that is where Apple is making the bulk of it’s massive record-breaking income in recent years. So, understandably, that is where a lot of their product energy is focused.

But producing superb tools of creation is how people came to love Apple products. And lately the creative professionals who love and create things on and for Apple computers aren’t feeling that the love is reciprocated.
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