Jul 082009

gmail-out-of-beta2Google made two related announcements yesterday.

In the morning they announced that all the Google Apps, in beta for as long as the past five years, are now out of beta.  Curiously, the announcement doesn’t really say the apps have changed, just that the beta tag was scaring off the corporate types so they decided to, you know, remove it.  Poof, now it’s enterprise-ready!

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Oct 012008

First there was news from NASDAQ about ‘erroneous trading’ and an after-hours adjustment to Google’s price: NYT: The Strange Case of the Google Stock Plunge

This is a screen grab from my Google home page this morning:

NASDAQ says there were ‘erroneous trades’ from an unnamed third-party at the end of the day yeasterday, which caused the stock to drop 20%. So they made an after-hours adjustment to the price, but for some reason before start of trading today the Google stock widget showed a price of $1594, and as soon as trading opened it ‘plummeted’ to around $400.

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