Dec 202008

Christmas has officially begun for this family. Our holiday event schedule kicked off today with a rendezvous with the Slosser clan at a huge Amish-themed restaurant outside of Wooster Ohio. It’s the third or fourth year we have met in this manner, due to the spread-out nature of the family and the fact that none of us wants to host Christmas get-togethers any more. I don’t know why we keep going back there though, the food is plentiful but mediocre and it’s not inexpensive. And opening presents in a restaurant with other people around on all sides is just weird. Next year I want to propose that we rent a hall, bring our own food, and have a place to ourselves to socialize and exchange gifts and not feel we need to rush out after being there a couple of hours.

Another reason today marks the start of the holiday is that it’s my buddy William’s birthday. My other half in the Blonde Swedes turns 41 42 today, so everyone click here to wish him the best.

William in Shorn Studios, late December 2005

William in Shorn Studios, late December 2005

I can also tell Christmas has started because I am stressed. After barking unnecessarily at the kids to get dressed and in the car this morning, I stopped and thought about it. Not only about calming down, but why holidays – especially this one – cause so much stress. It came to me there in the kitchen and I apologized to my son and attempted to explain it. “I’m sorry I yelled. Christmas can be very stressful on your parents because it’s a time of year when we expect everybody to be happy and we expect ourselves to make everybody happy, and that is impossible so it sometimes ends up making us miserable.”

So an early New Years Resolution, starting now. I will not try to make everyone happy, because when I do I make everyone miserable. I’m going to relax, and I’m going to smile and be encouraging and supportive of my family when they are stressing, and that is my only mission this holiday season.

All the Best to You and Yours!