Mar 222009

So the Shuttle is visiting the Space Station, where they completed the installation of the final solar arrays.  The station is nearing completion.

Time to abandon it.

Check out this list of issues just on this mission:

  1. Spacewalk Monday to prepare station for more equipment
  2. Locking pin installed upside down on last spacewalk
  3. Urine recycling system shuts down during test run
  4. Maneuver to avoid space junk 

(As seen in Reuters)

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Feb 242009

That is the sentence (apparently translated from the original Swedish) that was just removed from the charges faced by the operators of the Pirate Bay in their trial in Swedish court.

ARS: As charges change (again), Pirate Bay writes a book

I want to know why. Is it maybe because that charge applies as equally to a little service we call The Internet as well as it does to the Pirate Bay specifically?

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Feb 232009
Lulin is Coming

Lulin is Coming

There sure seems to be a lot of stuff happening out there in Outer Space (cue echo) lately.  Enough to make one prone to conspiracy theories and alternative views on reality very excited.

On Feb 11th it was announced that a ‘defunct’ Russian military satellite collided with an Iridium communications satellite which is operated by a company owned by the US Department of Defense for satellite telephone service. Both craft were completely destroyed, scattering two orbiting clouds of debris in critical areas of other orbiting craft, including the Hubble Space Telescope, which the Shuttle was poised to visit in May. US Satellite Destroyed in Space Collision

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Feb 162009

I’m done. Finished. No more will I lay on the couch nearly every Sunday afternoon from February through November watching a block of dumb go-karts with nice bodywork roll slowly around a big circle in Blue Angels-tight formation for 5+ hours. NASCAR has jumped the shark. Actually, they have jumped a fake shark in a dunk tank on a segway at half-throttle.

This is not an over-reaction to Sunday’s Daytona SnoreHundred or whatever. In fact my favorite driver won in particularly smart fashion, leading exactly one lap before the skies opened and God Himself decided Matt Kenseth shall win. No, this is the culmination of thoughts after watching a long slide from relevancy to pointlessness that rivals the WWE in authenticity.

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Jan 182009

Residents of Tampa Florida, being the upstanding (old peoples) place it is, didn’t want those brave women in underwear to play football in their fair city. But the Lingerie Football League (the team sport I can really get behind) will not be stopped! A near-by ‘clothing optional’ resort is happy to host the live pay-per-view event:

Miami Times Blog: Nudists Save Lingerie Bowl

Jan 162009

Happiness is a plowed driveway

Happiness is a plowed driveway

Yesterday, on my 46th birthday, I was out early in the morning in -4f temperatures plowing my 100′ gravel driveway for fun.

No, I don’t normally do that. I am not in the best of shape (understatement alert!) and normally something like that would kill me. But I got this new piece of outdoor power equipment, you see . . .

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Jan 052009

AppleInsider claims to have details of the iMac and Mac Mini announcements forthcoming at MacWorld on Tuesday:

NVIDIA insider chimes in on new iMacs, mini and Mac Pro

The skinny is that the iMacs and Mac Mini will move to Nvidia graphics chips across the line (right now only the high-end 24″ model has Nvidia graphics). I was initially excited about this, because I’m STILL waiting for a machine from Apple that can properly run all the apps in Final Cut Studio that doesn’t start at $2,800 (Mac Pro)! But my hopes appear to be dashed.

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