Sep 302011

Amazon sells us everything. They have all of our credit card numbers. A few years ago they started selling us books electronically, and the Kindle to read them on. Later they added music and video to the offerings. And now they’ve announced the $199 Kindle Fire to consume all this content on. And they have a giant cloud service to support it.

The Kindle Fire is going to be the second successful tablet computer and the first real market competition to the iPad. Coupled with their cloud services they have a mobile platform second to none.

Suddenly Amazon is where Apple wants be.

Very interesting.

Sep 272011

Apple has sent out invites for an iPhone event at the Cupertino campus for next Tuesday.

May I go on the record with the following prediction?

The new iPhone will be the same basic design and size of the current iPhone 4, with an A5 processor. Possibly both CDMA and GSM 3G in one, but no 4G. No magic-super-new ‘iPhone 5’, although it’s possible they will use that name.

9/29 Update: Looking more and more like the name will be iPhone 4S. MacRumors is reporting a rumor that an ‘iPhone 4S’ has shown up in Apple’s internal database, but not an ‘iPhone 5’. The comments are precious. Denial throughout.

9/29 Update 2: An impressive physical mockup of an ‘iPhone 5’ based on recent leaked case manufacturer images coupled with the design sense of the iPad 2. This looks reasonable and would certainly count as a redesign. At least the rumors are getting more interesting!

9/30 Update: As usual, John Gruber at Daring Fireball has a well thought out and comprehensive analysis of the rumors. Also as usual, he coyly stops just short of saying what he thinks will be announced.

10/4 Update: iPhone 4S as-predicted. Software stole the show from hardware. Siri personal assistant and iCloud are the big additions. iOS 5 drops on Oct. 12th, iPhone 4S on Oct 14th. Details and video at

Jun 292011

A follow-up to my Padme Moment four years ago.

Meesa got MoolaComputers are tools of creation. No company has pushed that concept farther and to more people than Apple. Along the way, computers became tools of consumption and that is where Apple is making the bulk of it’s massive record-breaking income in recent years. So, understandably, that is where a lot of their product energy is focused.

But producing superb tools of creation is how people came to love Apple products. And lately the creative professionals who love and create things on and for Apple computers aren’t feeling that the love is reciprocated.
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Jan 012011

Trickling WellI’ve had a week off to think about it and I’m ready to write again. The annual habit of new year resolutions and predictions is a fabulous excuse to take the time to do so.

First I should go back and take a look at what I wrote last Jan 1 . . .

Oops, looks like I wrote nothing between July 2009 and April 2010, and nothing at all after April. Shame on me.

2011 Resolution One: More writing.

The past year has not been one of my favorites. Health issues have slowed me down quite a bit physically. To prevent this from leading to an accelerated downward spiral of physical condition, I need to take better care of myself. That means . . .

2011 Resolution Two: More activity, less eating.

On to the here and future now. One of my constant mental themes in 2010 was ‘new’ – A new decade means new things. A general mantra of ‘old things suck’ pervaded my thinking. I searched for and embraced new wherever I found it and ended up pretty disappointed. From media to gadgets, the newer things didn’t live up to their promise – myself included. New didn’t amount to much progress for me in 2010. So I’m turning around a bit for the new year and picking up some of the good things from the past to move forward with.

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Apr 042010

Do I love iPad? Nah, it’s a disaster. But it won’t be for long.

First off, I’m definitely NOT seeing the battery life all the reviewers are seeing. Apple says 10 hours of solid use, reviewers say it’s more like 12, I’m getting about 6. Ran it down yesterday, charged overnight, got used today about 1/4th of the day and it’s dead again.

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Jul 082009

gmail-out-of-beta2Google made two related announcements yesterday.

In the morning they announced that all the Google Apps, in beta for as long as the past five years, are now out of beta.  Curiously, the announcement doesn’t really say the apps have changed, just that the beta tag was scaring off the corporate types so they decided to, you know, remove it.  Poof, now it’s enterprise-ready!

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Mar 272009

My mom made me wear the scarf

My mom made me wear the scarf

Check it out, Lauren is going computer shopping!

Microsoft should be given credit for not giving up. They launched this new commercial in their “I’m a PC” campaign on Thursday and this time they’re taking Apple directly to task for being . . . wait for it . . . expensive and cool.

This everybody knows. It’s like pointing out that Yao Ming is tall.

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