Hi, welcome to shornlog, my latest attempt to consolidate my online journalling.

Shorn and ThingsMy name is Scott Horn. I’m too old to be doing this and too young to die. I am old enough to remember watching the moon landings and young enough to come from Gen X. I like to make things work and I like to write about things that need work. So mostly I write about myself.

I’m an IT/Network Manager and tech by day.  I am in the greatest band that never was.  I play the guitar and moonlight in music and video production.  I dream of writing the next great Mac and/or iPhone app.  I have a dozen geeky business and product ideas and too little ambition to pursue any of them.  I am blessed with a lovely wife, three kids, a cat, a dog, a guinea pig, two goldfish, and a basement full of computers circa 1979 to the present.

Oh, and I actually love computers.

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