Feb 162012

I received an AT&T Mobility Enterprise Customer Newsletter today. Among the usual blather about their award-winning customer service and news about upcoming events and feature updates, there is a section titled ‘Equipment End of Life and Out of Stock Notices’. It’s a chart that lists devices that are no longer available, along with ‘alternate device recommendations’.

The curious thing about this chart is that out of all 20 or so phones listed, in not one case does AT&T recommend an iPhone as a replacement. For every short-lived low-end Android device, they recommend a newer short-lived low-end Android device. For every outdated Blackberry, a slightly less outdated Blackberry. But most curiously, for the HP Veer Palm device, for which there never will be a direct replacement, AT&T recommends “Any Android, BlackBerry Device, Windows Phone 7”.

Hmm. Seems they are forgetting an option. Weird, since the device they left out of the list is their top-seller.

What I take away from this is that AT&T really prefers to sell anything but an iPhone. I’m guessing they prefer the profit they get from manufacturers that they have over a barrel as opposed to manufacturers who can sell devices on their own merits.

Based on sales, if they were being honest with their customers the chart would look like this: