Sep 272011

Apple has sent out invites for an iPhone event at the Cupertino campus for next Tuesday.

May I go on the record with the following prediction?

The new iPhone will be the same basic design and size of the current iPhone 4, with an A5 processor. Possibly both CDMA and GSM 3G in one, but no 4G. No magic-super-new ‘iPhone 5’, although it’s possible they will use that name.

9/29 Update: Looking more and more like the name will be iPhone 4S. MacRumors is reporting a rumor that an ‘iPhone 4S’ has shown up in Apple’s internal database, but not an ‘iPhone 5’. The comments are precious. Denial throughout.

9/29 Update 2: An impressive physical mockup of an ‘iPhone 5’ based on recent leaked case manufacturer images coupled with the design sense of the iPad 2. This looks reasonable and would certainly count as a redesign. At least the rumors are getting more interesting!

9/30 Update: As usual, John Gruber at Daring Fireball has a well thought out and comprehensive analysis of the rumors. Also as usual, he coyly stops just short of saying what he thinks will be announced.

10/4 Update: iPhone 4S as-predicted. Software stole the show from hardware. Siri personal assistant and iCloud are the big additions. iOS 5 drops on Oct. 12th, iPhone 4S on Oct 14th. Details and video at