Mar 222009

So the Shuttle is visiting the Space Station, where they completed the installation of the final solar arrays.  The station is nearing completion.

Time to abandon it.

Check out this list of issues just on this mission:

  1. Spacewalk Monday to prepare station for more equipment
  2. Locking pin installed upside down on last spacewalk
  3. Urine recycling system shuts down during test run
  4. Maneuver to avoid space junk 

(As seen in Reuters)

Seems space junk is quite a serious issue.  They’ve had near-hits at the space station at least twice in the past month, and that is just the space junk they know about!  There must be a lot of undetectably-small metal things hurling around up there.

I’m concerned that space junk will bring our manned space program to a halt, at least as far as earth orbit is concerned.  Or maybe it will encourage us to build a fleet of these!