Feb 242009

That is the sentence (apparently translated from the original Swedish) that was just removed from the charges faced by the operators of the Pirate Bay in their trial in Swedish court.

ARS: As charges change (again), Pirate Bay writes a book

I want to know why. Is it maybe because that charge applies as equally to a little service we call The Internet as well as it does to the Pirate Bay specifically?

This is such a simple thing, I can’t understand why it’s been a dozen years and several giant lawsuits and trials and it all comes down to this: Is it a copyright violation to provide links to copyrighted material? That is it. That is all. Everything else is pointless detail.

So taking the aforementioned ‘charge’ out of the case certainly makes sense. Question is how did something so ridiculous get in there in the first place.

Obviously a Pirate

Obviously a Pirate

In symbiotically-related news, DVD Jon is going large with his new media browser/sharing app doubleTwist. It lets you (cue menacing music) find and play all of your media and share it with friends! It would be fair to say that it provides “All components are necessary for users of the service are able to share files with one another.” Much like your arms and legs do.

I can’t believe arms and legs are still legal! Isn’t anyone going to help the media conglomerates? Where will we get our media when they are gone?

Oh, right. I’m typing on it.

(Image provided by Wikimedia Commons)