Jan 012009

The beginning of a new year is a common-yet-arbitrary time to assess our selves and our world, but common and arbitrary is better than not at all so here I go again!

Resolutions: Last year my solitary resolution was to do more social networking, more openly. Here I am on my own blog doing just that, and combined with Twitter I’m pretty happy with my ‘platform’. Verdict: Success.

When contemplating new year resolutions, I usually think back to the previous year and think of things that should of happened but didn’t. What looms largest in my conscience is the lack of anything I hadn’t already done. I would not say that 2008 was a year where I challenged myself. So this year I’m stepping that up. As with last year, I feel I have one generalized resolution which can be met by any of a set of specific goals. And that is:

  • Do significant life-expanding work in a new endeavor.

My idea of becoming an iPhone developer is one possibility but there are countless others. I’m going to try more than one. Watch this space in 2009.

Predictions: I don’t think I’ve formally written down any predictions in the last few years, which is a shame because I’ve predicted so many things perfectly. You’ll just have to trust me on that I guess. But going forward, you have this list to judge me against at the end of 2009.

  • The broadcast TV transition to digital in February will not be a big deal. It will lead to wide-scale availability of HD content on all TV transmission systems and a renaissance in broadcast television programming.
  • Streaming Internet TV will continue to gain customers but can’t scale because the internet simply doesn’t work for streaming to millions of locations at once. The disparate pools of content on the various streaming services prevents large-scale adoption anyway.
  • Independent web video producers will continue to gain traction in to broadcast television markets.
  • Apple will release a new class of portable computing device and Steve Jobs will do the introduction.
  • I will buy more Apple products.
  • Rush will turn up on shuffle far too often on my iPhone.
  • And finally (seriously, it’s about freaking time), The Blonde Swedes will return to the internet with something completely different. The only thing that will remain the same will be the popular interest level (zero).

In general I expect 2009 to be fantastic and I hope it is for you too.

(Image by Vilhelm Sjostrom used under Creative Commons license)