Nov 052008

Location: Apple iPhone Developer Tour, Chicago IL
Date: November 5th, 2008

Approaching the final stretch. After a day of nodding off annoyingly every five minutes or so, I just completed a thirty-minute break wherein I downed four giant sugar cookies ad two caustic bitter Starbucks coffees (WTF is wrong with people, don’t they realize this stuff is hardly more drinkable than gasoline?). The current session regards in-house development. Tools for devlopment and rollout of apps without the app store. Currently covering the OS stack. I’ve seen all this before on video. In fact most of this day is stuff covered on the developer videos I have been carrying around on my iPhone for the past five months.

I really wish my Jane would call. By now she and the kids should be home from work/school. I miss them all and want to tell them how much they mean to me. I feel I’m raising a defective self-loathing family even though each one of us is actually pretty extraordinary. Just need to realize it and act on it. Which is what today is about for me. I am here to pursue a new goal, iPhone app developer. This is a world-changing platform and it represents an incredible opportunity.

The presenter just asked “Does anybody know what this thing is in the upper right corner of the screen?”. I looked up from my notebook and immediately identified the DEVO Energy Dome and called it. Props given to me from one gentleman in my row. The rest of the audience is clueless and/or unimpressed.

I’ll show them! In 2009, I’ll show them all!