Oct 092008

Attention right-wing nutjobs and those in danger of being influenced by them. All the crap being spewed from fringe right-wing media about the advocacy group ACORN’s voter registration activities is a slick way to get the neocon base up in arms (literally, I think they qualify as a lynch mob right about now), but the REAL election fraud is going on in the election official’s offices of pretty much every swing state.

While ACORN’s voter registration drives may be resulting in ‘hundreds’ of duplicate registrations (and may not be dups at all, since people actually do move on occasion and need to re-register BY LAW in order to vote), six states are purging HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS of voter registrations from their systems less than 90 days before the election, in clear violation of federal law. Conveniently being done (possibly to you) after the deadline for registering to vote:

NYTimes: States’ Actions to Block Voters Appear Illegal

There is the real crime here, folks.